Published: 2014-03-14 09:15, Author: Unecom

It takes two hours for a surgeon to perform knee replacement surgery or to play 9 holes on your average golf course. It took Ethiopian Tsegaye Kebede marginally over two hours, 2:04 to be exact, to win the 2013 London Marathon. A Lot can be achieved in two hours.

Two hours in business can go a long way as well.
Unecom is offering new customers two hours Free IT Support providing advice on how to get the most from IT within your sector. We offer a range of services to; set up, advance and securely back up IT data.

Initial installation of physical cables and components by one of our engineers enable an integrated computer, telephone and server network. We offer Cloud Storage enabling the secure remote back up of data. Software Design unique to your company means we can help to establish a competitive advantage and streamlined operations. Alternatively you may be in need of some quick Computer Support including a technician call out to fix unexpected problems.

As the end the financial year fast approaches, many businesses are thinking about end of year profits and how efficiencies can be improved going forward. Your business may have had an outstanding year; but how can it be built on next year. Our various outlets aim to save money, time and space which in turn can help to continually produce greater revenue.

Why not see what two hours can do for you …
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